24 April 2010


Apologies for my absence and the lack of house-seeking updates. We've had a medical happening, and it's been all-absorbing, even to the exclsuion of gloating over 808 Bolling.

But we're getting there.

09 April 2010

Woodland cottage?

"Woodland cottage" is one decorating theme I keep day-dreaming about. It would allow me to ...

Knock on the front door with this:

Hang my coat on this:

And then prop the door open with this:

Anthro, Anthro, and more Anthro. Crediting them so often is dull work.

Deux cadeaux

I confess there is a superstitious little corner of my soul that trembles at what I am doing: buying presents for a home that may not yet be my home. But when I see such dear things --- perfect little personalities wrought of paint or wood, ceramics or tin --- I cannot help but love them and want to give them to my home and a place within it, where they will be "worshiped and glorified."

The first gift ...

This bird feeder will jauntily adorn one of our crepe myrtles in the back yard.

Or perhaps I will sit it on a sill of the back porch.

(Thank you, O'Suz for this fat, jolly thing.)

The second gift ...

I intended to marry this doorknob to Cupboard-Under-the-Stairs, so Harry could get in and out as he pleased, but the little door has a latch, not a place for a doorknob. See? Like this:

So I'll put it with the door to the bathroom. Or maybe the back porch. Thanks again to Anthropologie!

06 April 2010


("Hillecke" map, paint, ink & wood. Rachel Austin 2007)

No visual theme for today's post, so I thought I'd feature a favored piece of art I found on etsy.com a few years ago. I wonder where it will want to live in the new house?

Akash and I FedEx'd our paperwork to USAA yesterday. The appraisal's been completed, but we haven't heard the result yet. And the current owner of 808 Bolling Ave. is dithering over how to address our maintenance requests. The toilet leak will definitely be fixed, but it looks like our best offer regarding the windows will be the promise of a carpentry lesson.

The absolute best news is that the current owner would like to close May 21, four whole days earlier than we had hoped! I've already put in my PTO request with my boss to have that last week of May off, to move and set up house.

03 April 2010

It's 6:14 a.m. and ...

I can't sleep because I dreamed we lost the house because I didn't take a mandatory math exam.