05 July 2010

Best friends.

Meet Foxy and Harold.

Foxy and Harold came to live with us about a week ago, right after the thunderstorm of the season hit Charlottesville. It knocked out power for 43,000 residents, totaled my friend Ben's car, and was Death with His Scythe for several hundred trees. It was upon one of many dead limbs that I tripped, face-planting into the sidewalk, and with scraped hands and knees and a gashed ankle limped into work.

My beau not only bandaged me up, but then later took me to my favorite Charlottesville store, O'Suz, for a cheer-up present.

There we were introduced to Harold by my friend Kate. Harold is a bit of an Eeyore. But what style sense he has, with his green, knitted sweater with a pocket and brown fedora! And then Foxy found us; he is rather fantastic. He also thinks he knows a lot more about the world than he really does. But Harold is so sweet, he goes along with what Foxy says to be true.

This is why they are best friends.

Bucket is not amused by the pair. He has informed us that they get into too much mischief for his liking.